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We'd like to thank the following individuals for their patronage to Reader through Kickstarter. Their support - at such a critical stage of funding - helps us make the intersection of science publishing and modern web technology a reality, along with our future goals for innovating in the communication of science.

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Desmond Gaban

Software Engineer. Citizen scientist. Believes we can communicate science better without the PDF.

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M.C. Schraefel

Passionate about designing tech/environments to ensure access to and support of Wellth: the knowledge, skills and practice we need to achieve our potential and improve quality of life for all. Move, eat, cogitate, engage, sleep. Tune these; do better; be more brilliant it's a guaranteed side effect when the brain & (rest of the) body work together. That's it. How to tune those in-bodied 5 elements? That's where Reader and access to science/engineering info is key: explore idea spaces, share insights, engage in crafting & testing new ideas. Let’s #makeBetterNormal. Find me

Kimberly Barber, PhD

Dr. Barber is Director of Research for Genesys Regional Medical Center and adjunct faculty for Michigan State University. She is an epidemiologist and biostatistician with publications in international journals for biostatistics, cardiology, clinical epidemiology, and emergency medicine. She has presented research at international conferences in Europe, Spain, and North American. She has been a co-editor of large scale publications in healthcare and has been an invited reviewer for several scientific journals in epidemiology, statistics, and psychology.

Keith R. Davis, Ph.D.

Keith has broad-based academic and industry experience in developing programs in translational cancer research and plant biotechnology. He is currently at Indiana University, Bloomington where he leads a center focused on enhancing faculty participation in translational research and the commercialization of research discoveries through interactions with industry and establishing new companies. His current research includes the development of the soy-derived peptide, Lunasin, as an anticancer agent and the use of pharmacologic doses of ascorbic acid to augment current cancer therapies.

Leonard Theron

As a veterinarian And a biologist, I'm doing a PhD in a clinical department for Ruminants. The time dedicated to research is scarce due to clinical duty and shifts. Therefore traditional science reading is time consuming both for research and medicine. Reader is a refreshing initiative, changing the course of publications itself would be the next step ;-)

Eric Kurbanov

C M Teoh

An investor in pioneering products with financial & social impact potential.

James Wang

Clinical Investigator

Dr. Kam Cheong Wong, MBBS, BE, MSc, FRACGP

Dr. Kam Wong is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at medical school at the University of Sydney and Western Sydney University in New South Wales, Australia. Kam is a family physician, medical researcher, statistician, author, and former engineer. He is a medical reviewer for the Oxford University Press, UK. His achievements include a research scholarship awarded by the Dartmouth College (one of the Ivy League Universities in USA). His research interests include diabetes, medical case analysis, failure mode and effects analysis, and internal medicine. His publications. His hobbies include sentimental music and movies. His language proficiency includes English and Chinese/ Mandarin (speak, read, and write), and Cantonese (speak). He welcomes correspondence via email: